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In our current phase as part of Pre-BETA release, we are NOT accepting applications from prospective clients seeking to hire remote QA consultants for their projects. However, you could still leave your details and we will come back to you as soon as we start accepting Client Applications.

  • 1. Try-Before Hire
  • 2. Quick Ramp-up / Ramp-down
  • 3. Pre-Selected, Rated, Verified
  • 4. Go direct, Save $$$




Consultants seeking QA Work OnAir


  • 1. Freshers get FREE project experience
  • 2. 2nd job for seasoned QA engineers
  • 3. Work-From-Home. Work direct.
  • 4. Kill layers, earn more income.

In our current phase as part of Pre-BETA release, we are now accepting applications from prospective candidates who are interested to work on QA projects, direct to clients and working from a remote location.

More details will be shared in the coming few days. If you have questions, please fill the Google FAQ at the end of this page, and we shall answer it ASAP.


Why QA OnAir?

QA onAir aims to create the following differences for the QA Consulting business.


  • Finer points : All consultants are pre-screened and OnAir trained.
  • Consultants get 70% of earnings for verified work*. 30% is QA on Air commission that includes Sales, Administration, Account Management, Project Governance, and Profit margins.
  • Clients will be billed twice a month, 2 weeks after submission of approved Consultant time sheets. Consultants get paid 15 days after the payment from client.
  • All Consultants need to provide 2 weeks of notice before making changes (like termination, extended absence or change of schedule) to the client. This is to avoid any disruption to ongoing project activities and gain sufficient time for planning replacements as needed.
  • Additional details will be mentioned in the final contract documents.
  • * Verified Work : It is important to ensure clients get billed for valid hours put in by consultants. Hence, all work performed needs to be verified for and approved by the client. Our Project Governance will cover this aspect.

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