August 1, 2017
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How to Become a Freelance Software Tester?

software testing:

software testing, its significance, and answer to how to become a freelance software tester?

Software testing has emerged as a promising career in the recent past. This is a highly challenging job also which can be really enjoyed by those who have expertise in software testing and can do the hard work. It is a well-respected career in the software industry and at the same time handsomely paid one too.

However, many small scale software development companies cannot afford to have full-time testers due to financial constraints. In such cases, they are outsourcing the testing job to freelance software testers. This is a good opportunity for experienced testers to make some extra money by working part time. Similarly, freshers can also take up such freelance testing jobs to earn more experience and at the same time to earn a handsome income.

How to Become a Freelance Software Tester?

Nevertheless, the major concerned for many software testers is that they do not have any idea about how to find part time testing jobs. Although they have enough spare time to work and even though they are ready to work hard, they are not able to find an opportunity.

There are many such websites that offer a common platform for testers and developing companies to meet each other.Such websites offer facilities for testers and clients to get registered. When some sites are offering limited free services some others charge. Most of the sites will have a premium membership for testers where the testers will be verified and checked for their expertise and experience. Such certified testers always will be given preference by the clients to entrust their work upon.

Similarly, the registered clients will have the facility to post their projects on the website. In the posting they will detail all their requirements and expectations. Freelance software testers who are ready to take up remote QA testing projects can apply for it by sending their quotation. Once the client has approved the quote and provided the details, freelancers can start working. client and freelancer will make Payment upon mutual understanding.


Thus freelancing provides software testers to grow as they will get maximum exposure within the industry and thus many chances will come to them.Freshers can also use this service

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  1. pranit

    I found your article very helpful, because i am planning to start my career as freelance software tester. I am graduated in different field(not computer science) but i would like to shift to software testing . I hope the tips given by you may work for me to stand in this field