September 27, 2017
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Hire QA Engineers

How to Hire QA Engineers for freelancing and  its Advantages:

Quality Assurance is one of the most important sectors in the software industry. As you are aware, the industry is registering a continuous and constant growth. Along with growth, the industry is witnessing tough competition also.

When there is a competition, it is necessary to maintain a certain level of quality to survive in the market. Similarly, the price also matters in a competitive market. Everybody knows that an apple cannot be bought for the price of an orange and you will have to pay for the quality.

As far as software applications are considered, QA testing plays an important role in maintaining the quality of the product but in most cases, the testings are costly due to many reasons. One will have to pay for the test automation tools and also should appoint highly experienced experts in the tools. As there are different types of testing involved, one will have to purchase different types of tools and will have to add more people to the workforce. All these will make the testing a costly affair.

Now the buzzword is cost optimization and experiments are going on all sectors to find solutions for reducing the cost of production. At this juncture, one can reduce the cost effectively if ready to hire QA Engineers. There are many platforms such as QA on Air where you can find a freelance tester. You can assign the testing to freelance testers to reduce the cost of testing.

  • When you appoint permanent testers, you will have to pay salary and other perks which will be a burden on you. At the same instance, when you offer remote QA testing jobs, you will have to pay only for the work done.
  • If you are going for in-office testing, you need to purchase many test automation tools. You will have to pay both for the license and for maintenance. This will cost you dearly. If you opt for persons engaged in freelance testing jobs, you can avoid all these expenditures as the tester will have all the necessary tools with him.
  • When you opt for in-office testing, you will have to provide necessary infrastructure and facilities such as computers, electricity etc.You can avoid all these overhead expenditures if you hire QA Engineers on contract basis for each project and allow them to take the work as part-time testing jobs.
  • There are many platforms such as QAonAir which facilitate the meetings between the freelance testers and companies need their services. You can assign the work to the best tester after going through his or her profile. Thus you can avoid the lengthy procedures of recruitment which, otherwise would have eaten into your valuable time.

A freelancer never can be in the field for quite a long time unless he or she has proven the expertise. Hence, you can trust them for their expertise and you will get the best lot to test your projects.

Thus in many ways hiring freelance QA testers will be beneficial for the company.

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