September 20, 2017
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Online Manual Testing Jobs from Home

How to get online manual testing jobs from home:

Do you think the significance of manual testing has ended with the arrival of test automation tools? If yes, you are totally mistaken. Manual testing still has significance and it has many advantages over automated tests.

  • It is difficult for the automated tests to pick up visual issues that human beings can. Besides, manual testers can identify many usability-related issues and interface bugs which are not possible in many cases by automated tests.
  • Automated tests perform the actions you told and will not go beyond the limits of planning and the test scripts. Here the tests cannot explore the application fully. In other words, exploratory tests can be done manually only.
  • Although the automated tests are claimed to be avoiding human errors, the chances for mistakes are still there. As there can be bugs in the code, there can be bugs in test scripts also. A human involvement may help to avoid such mistakes.
  • Some of the test automation tools are expensive and may increase the cost of testing considerably.
  • Manual testing helps to understand the system to a conceptual level and can be tested from the perspective of an end user.

With all these advantages, there are software development companies preferring manual testing at many instances. However, most of them outsource manual testing as it will be costly for them to appoint a large number of testers permanently. At present, you can find many offers of online manual testing jobs from Home. There are many websites where you can see the advertisement offering freelance QA jobs online.

Freelancing has emerged as the latest trend in the present day world. It allows one to work according to one’s own schedule and to work and earn as much as one needs. Besides, a freelancer did not have to stay abide by the rules and regulations of the organization. The freedom and the chance to earn more money made freelancing popular.

When organizations also started to prefer freelancers, many platforms have come up to facilitate the meetings between the freelancers and the organizations that need their services. There are several such platforms which are exclusively related to software testing such as QA on Air.  These platforms offer facilities for the freelance QA testing professionals and the software developing companies to get registered with them. Then the organizations can post their requirements and the freelance QA professionals can post their resumes.

Here the projects can be taken up in two different ways. Either a freelance QA professional can go through the postings of organizations and offer a quote on a project he or she is interested, or a developer can go through the resume of the testers and offer him the job.

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