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  • Mangayarkarasi Sabapathi

    Functional testing engineer

    9 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr

    I have around 9 years of experience in software industry. I have worked in an ERP application, MFG/PRO. I started my career in support team. Where I have fixed the bug and did performance tuning of some critical modules during this period. Then have worked as Analyst in Enhancement team and Implementation team. Lastly I was Project for the support and Enhancement team. In my career I have done various testing from unit testing, integration testing, functional testing and also have been a part of UAT and supported our clients during their testing process. I am strong in functional testing. I have used testing tools like test directory. I am a committed person and will stick to the tin me lines.

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  • Naresh Kumar kunchi

    QA Engineer

    0 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

  • Adusumilli Harsha Teja

    Automation Test Engineer

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $8.00/hr

    I’m a B. Tech graduate who has a passion for software testing. I have sound knowledge in manual as well as automated testing and specialised in Selenium web driver. I’m here to gain hands-on experience in selenium and excited to work on small projects. I would like to mention here that I’m will not bother about the pay and it is my second priority.

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  • Amit Kulkarni

    QA Engineer 13+yrs

    13 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    About me:

    1) Experience in working with agile methodologies.

    2) Experience on Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP etc

    3) Extensive experience in test automation using custom made Hybrid test frameworks.

    4) Proven experience in test automation using JAVA, Python, C++

    5) Experience working with top companies like IBM, Veritas, Adobe.

    6) Self driven, ability to handle large products, Keen eye for testing.

    7) Experience in working/collaboration with onsite/offsite teams.

    8) Proven experience in delivering high quality product and quality artifects like TestPlan, TestCases, TestAutomation, quality matrices.

    9) Good written and verbal english skills.

    10) Motivated, Zeal for finding defects, writing bugs, resolving product issues with developer.

    11) High availability, Lower leaves and downtime. 

    Total Work experience: 13+ yrs

    I)       In Veritas(Contract SRS) from Dec 2016 to May 2017(Designation: Principal Engineer–Quality Assurance)

    II)    In Innominds from Jan 2015 to Septeber-2016.(Designation : Principal Engineer – Quality Assurance)

    III) In IBM India, from  Aug 2008 to March-2014.(Designation: Senior Staff software Engineer)

    IV) In Adobe Systems, India from June 2004 to Aug-2008.(Designation: Lead, Quality Engineer)

    V)    In HCL Perot Systems, Bangalore from Nov 2002 to may 2004.(Designation: Associate) 


    1) Veritas NetBackup(Glacier support)

    2) Hexis Analytics AP(a enterprise analytics platform)

    3) Clustrix ( MPP Database for eCommerce)

    4) IBM Infosphere CDC (Heterogenious Data replication product)

    5) Adobe Acrobat (Web browser plugin support)

    6) Adobe Framemaker ( Professional Content writing software)

    PROJECT IN Veritas:

    A) Netbackup (Dec-2016 – May-2017):

    Environment: O/s: Windows, Linux. Automation: testbed (perl).

    Feature : amazon glacier

    I worked on netbackup product to test amazon glacier storage support. Netbackup supported standard storage of amazon. Glacier is a cheaper storage option provided by amazon. In order to enable customers to use the chaper storage netbackup was enhanced to support the glacier storage.

    I was responsible for testing basic features of netbackup with amazon glacier and inhouse simulator.


    ·         NDMP support with glacier.

    ·         Automation enhancement of component tests( To test with amazon glacier and simulator).

    ·         Automation suit for basic backup tests with amazon glacier.

    ·         Automation suit for basic backup tests with Simulator.


    PROJECTS IN Innominds:

    A) Hexis Hawk-eye AP(Jan-2016 –  Septeber-2016):

    Environment: O/s: Linux. Database: Postgres, EDW.

    Hexis halk-eye AP is an advanced data analytics platform. Software uses an extraction, transformation and loading tool to pull records into the data warehouse, where it is compressed and spread across server nodes. Data queries are distributed across data warehouse nodes as well. It uses EDW database which uses a columnar database architecture.

    1) Alter table tool: This tool allows for altering the existing structure of a table like adding a column, splitting column, changing datatype of a column etc.

    2) PassThrough query security: An analytics user has the ability to send queries directly to the EDW database bypassing postgres database. These queries bypassed the access check security offered by the postgres. This feature was to make sure that even these queries are validated for access rights before data is returned to the user.


    ·         Writing Test Plan.

    ·         Creating test strategy.

    ·         Functional testing.

    ·         Creation of testcases.

    ·         Automation of testcases using internal Jython based framework called as litmus.

    ·         Regression Runs analysis.


    B) Clustrix (Jan-2015 – DEC-2015):

    Environment: O/s: Centos. Database: ClustrixDb.

    Clustrix is a primary scale-out SQL database. It supports workloads that involve scaling transactions and real-time analytics. The system is a drop-in replacement for MySQL, and is designed to overcome MySQL scalability issues with a minimum of disruption to an enterprise’s production activities. It also has built in fault-tolerance features for high availability within a cluster. It has parallel backup and parallel replication among clusters for disaster recovery.

    1) Regression Analysis Improvement: This was one of my primary task. When I joined team, 5 member team was taking 2 days each for regression analysis. It was one of my primary responsibility to streamline the process and bring down regression analysis time. As a part of this activity I fixed around 200+ testcases, brought down failures to around 50, designed a method by which it became easy to identify new failures compared to older failures. I managed to bring down the time to 2 person days.

    2) Paraldi: Clustrix was using only 1 node in cluster to load csv/tsv data thereby taking more time in data loading and not using the full cluster capability. Paraldi was a tool written to split the data in multiple batches and load it using all nodes in cluster.

    3) SCTP support: clustrix was using tcp protocol for internal communication. It was decided to replace it with more advanced sctp protocol.

    4) Web UI : Clustrix web UI was changed completely to support UI server and UI was enhanced and made separate from the database. My responsibilities include testing new WebUI and provide a selenium-python-Junit based framework for automation.


    ·         Writing Test Plan.

    ·         Creating test strategy.

    ·         Functional testing.

    ·         Creation of testcases.

    ·         Automation of testcases using 1) internal Python based framework 2) Legacy shell scripting based framework.

    ·         Creating new test Framework for Web UI using selenium, python, Junit.

    ·         Regression Runs analysis.

    ·         Longevity testing.



    A) InfoSphere Change Data Capture (August 08 – March-2014):

    Environment: O/s: Windows, Aix, Solaris, Linux, HP. Database: DB2, Oracle, Sybase etc.

    IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture detects & delivers information across heterogeneous data stores in real time. It leverages real-time data to support Dynamic Warehousing improved customer service. Based on log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) technology it detects and delivers mission-critical data events in real time without impacting system performance. I was involved in multiple releases to test features like

    1) Extended Row size support: DB2 introduced a new feature allowing users to increase row size not to be limited by pagesize. This feature was about adding support for extended row size to CDC for DB2.

    2) Different CDC-Oracle Configurations: Over the years CDC was evolved to provide multiple topologies/Configurations support as required by customers. This feature was for combining all possible configurations and simplifying them.

    3) New Engine support: a new engine was developed for adding support for Netezza database. All pre existing features of CDC needed retest in order to certify CDC-Netezza.

    4) User Exits: CDC provides user exit support so that user functions or transformations can be applied as required by business logic.

    5) Fast Apply: A new feature which involved providing different methods of applying data on target to speed up data apply rate.

    6) Database support: Testing required for ensuring CDC works with new releases of database as expected.

    7) New Datatype support: I worked on testing new data type support added to CDC ex: XML, DBCLOB.

    8) CDC web UI for monitoring: From new release a web UI was introduced which helped monitor replication status, latency, performance, Errors/Issues. I was responsible for creating complete automation solution for testing new Web-UI. New automation framework was created based on selenium-Java-Junit.

    Since these features are supported on multiple databases across many operating systems, biggest challenge is number of combinations involved in testing. These features were tested in combination with other features like different replication modes like refresh, mirroring, net change, audit etc.

    I was involved in testing CDC for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Teradata, Netezza etc.


    ·         Writing Test Plan.

    ·         Creating test strategy.

    ·         Assigning sub-tasks to team-members.

    ·         Functional testing.

    ·         Creation of testcases.

    ·         Automation of testcases using internal JAVA based framework.

    ·         Creating new test Framework for Monitoring Web UI tool using selenium, Java, Junit.

    ·         Regression Runs.


    A) Adobe FrameMaker :

    Environment: H/w: Intel Pentium O/s: Windows XP/Vista

    Adobe Frame Maker software delivers an enterprise-class authoring and publishing solution that combines the simplicity of word processing with the power of XML. FrameMaker product has long been known for its long-document publishing features, stability, outstanding print publishing capabilities for structured (SGML or XML) and non-structured content. Below are the features on which I worked during several FrameMaker releases.

    1) Book: Book is a key feature of FrameMaker which enables user to perform almost every operation present in product at container level. In new release book is enhanced to provide native support for file formats like XML, BOOK and DITA files.

    2) Track Text Edit: Track Text edit feature allows user to Track changes made to content of a document, review the document and accept/reject the changes. Testing this feature was a major challenge because it was introduced late in cycle and it impacted all preexisting features of FrameMaker.

    3) Fonts and Character Formatting: I was responsible for testing font’s installation, Fonts replacement mechanism, display of the glyphs, character formatting.

    4) XML Import/Export: Import/export of xml files, picking of correct converters and supporting some of the legacy mechanisms by converting them to Unicode, namespaces, entity handling, Unicode file path support were my major responsibilities for testing this feature.

    Other features that I was involved were Unicode, XSLT, read write rules etc.

    B) Adobe Acrobat 7.0

    Adobe Acrobat software enables business, creative, and engineering professionals who work with graphically complex documents to improve the reliability and efficiency of business-critical document exchange. In this project I helped “Acrobat in browser” testing team. Acrobat in Browser is a plugin which launches Acrobat within the browser itself so that user can view online pdf documents within the browser. Responsibilities handled during this project were test case execution, Filing bugs, Adhoc testing, Modem testing. Testing was focused on browsers like IE and Netscape.

    PROJECTS IN Hcl Perot Systems:

    Palm Desktop (November 02 – May 04)

    Client: Palm One, Inc.

    Environment: H/w: Intel Pentium, eMAC, iMAC O/s: Windows 2000/98/XP, OS 9X/ 10X Tools: TeamTrack, Tracker, FileMaker. Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    In HCL-Perot systems I worked on multiple projects related to Palm desktop software and Palmtops releases like Tungsten T series, Tungsten E series, Zire series etc.

    The scope of desktop projects was to test and release fully functional desktop software for device specific project. Desktop software consists of applications like contacts, calendar, notes and photos. Some third party applications like Voice Memo, Versa Mail, Documents To Go, Adobe Reader were also part of testing.


    Testing Methods:                                Performance, Functional, Acceptance, Regression, System, FDK API testing.

    Bug Tracking System:                                    JIRA, Watson, Teamtrack, Tracker.

    Testcase Management System:          CVS, FileMaker, FATE, TestStudio.

    Automation Tools:                              Testbed (In-House framework written in JAVA), FATE (In-House framework written in perl & Shell scripts and API-clients), JUnit. Jython based internal framework. Python based internal framework. Framework based on shell scripting. Selenium webdriver(python, java, Junit)

    Other Tools:                                       BoundsChecker (Memory Leak Testing).

    Language:                                           C, JAVA, and Python, perl.

    DataBase:                                           DB2, Oracle, MySql, EDW, ClustrixDb, Postgres.

  • Abhinav Regmi

    QA Engineer

    6 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr

     5+ years of Project Management and Software Quality Assurance with extensive in webbased application, mobile application and system application of software development process.       

    Handled the project in capacity as a team leader for automated testing team. The scope of the project is to design the strategy, designing the framework and implementing.

    ·         Data Driven, Keyword Driven, and Hybrid Frameworks with JUnit/TestNG and Apache POI

    ·        Software testing and quality assurance of web-based and mobile consumer applications.

    ·        Practical knowledge of Usability, Regression, Integration and Exploratory testing.

    ·        Proficient in analyzing test plans, creating test cases, and designing test strategies.

    ·        Skilled in Agile and Waterfall software development life cycle methodologies.

    ·        Excellent problem solving skills and experience communicating effectively with all functional teams to understand customer usage models and requirements.

    ·        High standards of excellence and attention to details.

    ·        Consistently delivers projects on schedule and meets customers’ requirements.

  • Jolene Rheault

    QA Analyst

    6 years experience 0 projects worked $30.00/hr

    I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in small companies where I was not just a graphic designer but also a software analyst, qa engineer, media specialist, social media guru, and marketing manager. I’m not only used to wearing many hats, I sincerely enjoy it; I thrive in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same.

    Previously, I worked mainly as a QA analyst and automation engineer and was lucky enough to work with amazing clients such as Nintendo, HBO, SMRT Boards, and Sesame Street.

  • SaiPawan L

    Automation Engineer

    3 years experience 0 projects worked $5.00/hr

    Automation engineer having hands on experience on selenium and appium and other functional automation tools.

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  • Wasiq Bhamla

    Senior QA Engineer

    11 years experience 0 projects worked $40.00/hr

    Test Automation Expert with almost 11 years of experience in the field. Hands on with various Automation Testing tools like IBM Rational Robot, IBM RFT, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, TestNG, Specflow Cucumber, SoapUI, etc. Also well versed in Java, C#, Ruby and also have knowledge of Groovy scripting.

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  • Fatma Özçelik

    QA/Test Engineer

    3 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    Fatma Özçelik is a software test specialist with 3 years experience. She worked at Cybersoft as software tester, java developer(junior level) and data warehouse speacialist(junior level) also. Now, she works currently at Cardtek as software test and junior project management specialist at Turkey’s biggest and global payment solutions company, Cardtek. Her current research areas are software testing, programming, and project management. Formerly, she has research paper on usability test of  E-government Web Portal in Turkey through eye-tracking method. Her hobbies are latin dancing(salsa & bachata), cooking, gardening, farming, listening & singing music, traveling, teaching&learning foreign languages, reading&listening poem, spending free time together with family/friends, sport activities (walking).

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  • Anja Tomasic

    Software Tester

    2 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr

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