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  • Sara McKinnon

    Operations and Improvement Specialist

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr

    I am an experienced tester of the End-User experience and performance of several data collection programs and ERP plug-ins.  My current role is to identify the need, liaise with the programmers to design the software requirements, then test the end product until it meets all of design requirements.  This often involves several rounds of testing as each time a bug is encountered and corrected, testing starts from step 1 again.

    My role also involves working with other departments to ensure that changes to one area of the order-to-pay cycle do not negatively affect others. 


    Software Development Engineer in Test

    3 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr

    Having 3.1 Years of experience in Automation Testing. At present Working as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) in NIIT TECHNOLOGIES.Having hands on experience  on Data Driven and Hybrid Driven Frameworks using SELENIUM, java,Cucumber,C#,Specflow,TestNg,JDBC,ORACLE APPLICATION TESTING SUITE(OATS) and Web Service Testing using SOAP UI and Groovy, HTTP client

  • Ritika Mathur

    Qa enggineer

    7 years experience 0 projects worked $6.00/hr

    1. I am a versatile tester with 7+ years of experience in the IT sector. 
    2. Have worked on various platforms like website testing, mobile application testing, Cloud telephony service testing and much more.

  • QA Akanksha

    Senior QA Expert/Consultant

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    Software Engineer in Testing with more than 5 years of experience. 

    – Strong knowledge in both manual and automation testing. 

    -Experience in Framework development from scratch. 

    – Good knowledge of Selenium Webdriver, Jenkins, Maven, TestNG, Cucumber and BDD framework. 

  • ramji dhulipudi

    QA engineer

    0 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr

    I am ramji from india.i completed my post gradution MCA.i am trained on manual testing and automation testing using selenium tool.

  • Pallavi Sharma

    Test Automation Consultant

    12 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr

    pallavi sharma

    Contact Number- 9599300717
    Email- write2pallavi@gmail.com
    Linked-in- http://www.linkedin.com/in/pallavirsharma

















    Professional experience

    I have an overall professional experience of 12 years. In these years I have donned many hats in form of product/project manager, individual contributor, presales, marketing and trainer for the software testing domain. I am an avid team player and believe in a disciplined, honest and balanced work life. I look forward to a challenging and stimulating career with the satisfaction of being a substantial contributor in the growth of the organization.

    Currently I am working as a Freelance online trainer, and project consultant in the field of software testing, specifically test automation.

    Test automation coach/test consultant

    Overall 6 years of experience in conducting global trainings and corporate trainings in collaboration with organizations like NobleProg, Edureka, Spring People, Software testing help, ITA LLC. I have successfully delivered more than 75+ batches of training. I have trained around 1000+ professionals across globe, in technologies Selenium with Java, BDD Cucumber with Ruby and Java, Python, Perl, MySQL, SOAPUI. I also write technical articles and conduct free technical webinars. My web portfolio is available at – www.5elementslearning.com

    ProDUCT/Project MANAGER

    Overall 5 years of experience in lead and project management roles of varied teams following the SCRUM AGILE methodologies.

    Largest team size held if of 12 people with varied roles of development, testing, technical writing and marketing activities

    Defined and Managed project scope and deliverables and ensure they are aligned with the project objectives and business outcomes.

    Communicated to and driven the project plan with all stakeholders. Ensure that stakeholder expectations are set in line with the project plan.

    Monitored, controlled and manage all areas of a project plan or project phase. 

    Monitored project progress and performance, identified and quantified any schedule variances, take appropriate corrective actions, and communicate to all stakeholders.

    Ensured that the project meets the project constraints: scope, schedule and budget with defined and agreed upon quality levels.

    Identified, allocated and managed resources (as part of the cross-functional team) required to deliver the project.

    Identified opportunities for improvement and made constructive suggestions for change as and when appropriate

    Mentored team members, motivated and recognized team for success.

    Engaged actively and continuously with extended team members as needed to enhance communication.

    Pre Sales and Technical support

    Overall 1 year of experience in the Pre Sales activity of the proprietary framework OpKey

    Responsible for creating technical artifacts, white papers

    Conducting PoCs with OpKey over test automation tools like WebDriver, Watir, Sikuli.

    Responsible for creating presentations about OpKey different editions.

    Responsible for creating demo videos showcasing OpKey abilities in test automation

    Responsible for tackling and providing solution for specific client solutions where OpKey is used and team faces challenges.

    Handle queries and revert back to end users across the world for OpKey Personal Edition, a free test automation platform over webdriver.

    Participate with Sales to capture client requirements.

    Testing – Individual Contributor

    Overall 4 years of experience in playing the role of individual contributor.

    Manual Tester for Shine.com web application, a job portal of the Hindustan times group

    IC for development of performance monitoring in-house tool OpMon

    IC for development of automation libraries over Sahi, Watir, Selenium for integration with OpKey

    IC for creation of Excel based test framework for XML requests and response validations


    Played the role of devising online marketing strategy for OpKey Personal Edition

    Active contributor in designing E-Mailers for OpKey to be sent to test automation community

    Design and Conduct Technical webinars for OpKey and test automation challenges

    Interact over email, and call with OpKey real time users for Personal Edition and capture feedback for improvement           


    Played the role of coordinator for 1 year for organization IP protection between inventors and patent attorney

    Responsible for filing of patents for in-house products

    Responsible for filing of in-house generated trademarks

    Have 2 provisional patents to my name with other inventors for the in-house product

    Quality Process

    Undergone training on Introduction to CMMi for Services

    Undergone training for performing the role of a certified Appraisal Team member for CMMi SVC level 1.3

    Have participated as an Appraisal Team member for the audit of organization for CMMi SVC level 1.3 certification

    Academic Qualifications

    §  Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, specialization in marketing from, Institute of Management Technology – CDL, Ghaziabad

    §  Post Graduate Diploma in Advance Computing, from C-DAC Noida

    §  Bachelors in Technology, Information Technology, from Vellore Institute of Technology


    §  CPSAT Certifciation for Selenium

    §  CPSAT Licensed Trainer

    §  VSkills Certification for Selenium

    §  VSkills Certification for Appium

    §  ISTQB Certified

    §  SEI Certification for Introduction to CMMi for Services


    §  Hold 2 Provisional Patents [1863/DEL/2012, 729/DEL/2013], for in house developed Test Automation Tool Agnostic Platform

    §  Best Performance AWARD, Crestech Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    §  Best Team Performance AWARD, Crestech Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    §  Service Continuation Award, Crestech Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

    §  Recipient of Chief Minister Scholarship of Rs 50,000/- for Best Female student, at IBAB.

    §  GATE SCORE (2004 IT): 89 %

    §  GRE Cleared with High Score.

    §  NCST G LEVEL Cleared

    §  IELTS Cleared 7.0/9.0

    §  TOEFL Cleared 260/300. Essay 6.0/6.0








    Freelancer and Owner of 5 Elements Trainings

    Delhi NCR

    4 years

    Feb 2014

    Till Date

    Technical Consultant and Trainer for courses in Jmeter, Selenium, BDD Cucumber, Watir, Ruby, Java, BioPython and BioPerl

    Crestech Software Systems


     7 Years

    Jan 2007

    Jan 2014

    Project Manager

    Virginia Tech

    USA, Virginia

    1 Year

    Aug 2005

    Aug 2006

    Graduate Research Assistant




    Test/Defect Management

    Jira, Bugzilla

    Functional Test Tools

    Selenium, Watir, SAHI, QTP

    Performance Test Tools

    JMeter, OpenSTA, Rational Performance Tester


    Perl, Ruby, Vb.Net, VB Script, Java


    MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server

    Marketing Tools

    GoTo Webinar, Busy Dolphin, Linked in, Google Analytics.

    Project Management

    Agile – Scrum

    Operating System

    Windows, Linux, Mac


    DevExpress, Jenkins, SVN



    ProDUCT: OpKey- The Tool Agnostic Test Automation Platform

    Website –  http://opkey.crestechglobal.com/
    Clients–  Makemytrip, ComViva, RoamWare, EKCS, AXA, Nucleus Software, One Shield, Mach
    Technology used – VB.Net, XML, Ruby, Java, VBScript, Watir, Selenium Webdriver, QTP, Sahi, SQLite, MySQL
    About– OpKey, is a in-house, tool agnostic test automation platform created so that the test automation teams can use more than one tool within the same framework across web, mobile, web services etc. It also has available a free version available to be used by anyone as a test automation framework over selenium webdriver.



    Roles & Responsibilities

    §  Product Manager for Op-Key

    §  Responsible for Managing team of 12 people in development, testing, technical writing and marketing

    §  Gather requirements from clients, product owners and define product and sprint backlogs, acting as a Scrum Master for sprints.

    §  Act as an individual contributor to create proof of concepts for challenging client situations faced in adapting the automation framework

    §  Manage and conduct the technical support and marketing of the product.

    §  Protect the product IPR by filing patents and trademarks with patent attorney


    Project:  Automation of MCommerce Application

    Client– TECH MAHINDRACOMVIVA [ A telecom, mCommerce organization]

    Technology useD –  VB.Net, WATIR, XML, Web Services, Database Testing

    About– The project had around 400 test cases written which were to be automated using the business process test automation. The objective of creating regression suite was that there were many versions available of the same product, depending on the locales. Objective was to create an automation suite generic in nature.

    Roles & Responsibilities: 


    §  Project Manager for Automation of mCommerce Application test scenarios using the Business Process Testing approach

    §  Designing and lay skeleton for the automation strategy

    §  Agile Scrum methodology used for project management

    §  6 resources handled

    §  Individual contributor in developing of Excel based framework to test the XML requests and responses for web-services in Ruby.

    §  Review the automation test scenarios authored by team

    §  Responsible for the timely delivery of the test automation suite


    Project: Automation of Regression Test Cases

    Client– Make My Trip, A travel organization, which offers one stop travel solution.
    Technology used –  OpKey, Watir, Ruby, AutoIT

    Roles & Responsibilities: 


    §  Involved as Test Lead Analyst

    §  To provide maintenance and product support from Op-Key

    §  To provide new features, automation solution with Op-Key as tool

    §  To provide expert knowledge on open source solution- WATIR being used.

    Project: ISV-  Integrated Service Validator

    Technology used-  VB.Net, Web services

    About- ISV is a SOA Testing framework product by Crestech Software Systems Pvt Ltd. It is a one stop test solution to test your web services with an easy to use GUI. You don’t have to be a SOA expert to test your web services. ISV bridges the gap which arises in performing functional testing of traditional web apps vs web services and frees a tester from the pains of learning a new technology.

    Roles & Responsibilities

    §  Involved as Team Lead for ISV.

    §  To understand the various challenges faced to test WebServices.

    §  To understand the various standards which a web service follows like WSDL, SOAP, XML’s

    §  To created WSDL parser to parse web services and unit test the methods

    §  To create module for making web service calls with the given parameters and store the responses

    §  To create result module to showcase in graphical manner the result of the test.


    project Manual Testing: Desi Martini, Shine.com, HindustanTimes.com.

    Client Hindustan Times
    Technology used-  Manual Testing, Bug Tracker, TestCase Management Solution
    About– Manual Testing of the web applications Desi Maritini, which is a social networking web site,  Shine.com: a job portal; and Hindustantimes.com: an online news website

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  Designing Test Strategy to test the web application.

    §  Designing and execution of test cases to test the applications

    §  Managing the whole bug life cycle

    §  Managing a dynamic team of three resources for Testing

    §  SPOC from CresTech to Hindustan Times


    Project Manual Testing: WWW.COM

    Technology used- Manual Testing, Bug Tracker, TestCase Management Solution
    About– Manual Testing of the www.com website, which is a domain registering portal

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  Designing Test Strategy to test the web application.

    §  Designing and execution of test cases to test the applications

    §  Managing the whole bug life cycle

    §  Managing a dynamic team of two resources for Testing


    Project; Performance Monitoring Tool for testing Hospital Information Systems

    Client: Max Health Care
    Technology used:  VB.Net, SQL Server 2005
    ABOUT– Crestech team commissioned to study the HIS system in the wake of complaints of slowdown in performance by sites. Performance testing conducted to assess the performance of application across business critical transactions for varying user load with an objective to find the stress limit (Concurrent User limit) of the system. Also multiple iterations of the tests were conducted to verify the performance improvement after configuration changes. Tests were conducted on UAT environment (for the purpose of data collection for bottleneck identification) and Production environment (certification purpose) in succession.

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  To identify the various bottlenecks faced by the application hampering the performance of it.

    §  To generate the virtual user load to simulate similar performance bottle necks so as to identify the root cause of the problem.

    §  Finding the stored procedures in the Data base which were causing problems.

    §  Creating framework to validate and publish results and reports


    Project:  My Flow 

    ClienT- Max New York Life Insurance
    TECHNOLOGY used–  Rational Robot
    About –To perform stress testing on the system so as to find out the threshold till which the application works perfectly fine under load.  

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  Coordinating with the development team regarding the test environment and test data.

    §  Analyzing the data and preparing the final reports and delivering it to the development team.

    §  Performing Black Box testing on different modules assign by the manager.

    §  Designing the test cases in Test Plan. Creating Test Set, Defining the execution flow and test set properties for the automated test scripts in the Test Plan.

    §  Performing Regression and system testing.

    §  Mapping of project according to customer requirement.

    §  Reporting bugs with severity and priority according to customer requirement.

    §  Training session to new joiners and trainees.

    §  Coordinating with developers’ team and reporting the team issues to the manager.


    Project:  My Money my agent

    Client- Max New York Life Insurance
    TECHNOLOGY used-  Rational Performance Tester.
    ABOUT– To conduct performance testing of the application My Money My Agent. The purpose of the testing was to find the impact of the new integrated feature Single SignOn in the application.

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  Preparing of test scripts using Rational Performance Tester

    §  Executing the performance tests.

    §  Analyzing the data and preparing the final reports and delivering it to the development team.

    §  Involved in Performance Test Planning

    §  Participating weekend reviews with team members.

    §  Executing test scripts, write defect reports and verify fixed.

    Project: Opmon (Open Source Monitoring)

    Technology used-  Perl, VB.net, MySQL
    ABOUT– To build an open source monitoring interface so as to integrate with various open sources performance testing tools like Open STA so as to provide in depth analysis of the performance testing tests.

    Roles & Responsibilities: 

    §  Team Lead and sole developer for the backend Perl interface.

    §  Design the user interface using VB.net

    §  Involved in White-Box testing of code written

    §  Designed Unit-Test cases for the application

    §  Coordinating with Business Team to gather the requirements

    §  Involved in Bug Fixing and Configuration management activities






    Training Undertaken



    Training Topic





    Noble Prog

    Demand Science Technology Phillipines

    Introduction to Selenium





    Noble Prog

    DBS Singapore

    BDD Cucumber with Selenium and Java



    22 people


    5 Elements Learning

    Individual clients

    Selenium with Java



    Around 20


    5 Elements Learning

    Individual clients

    Selenium with C#



    Around 5




    Selenium with Java







    Test Automation Training



    Around 30 so far


    Noble Prog

    Indira –Phillipones

    Introduction to Selenium





    Terra Information Group


    Selenium with Java







    Ruby BDD Cucumber



    30 per batch




    Selenium and Java



    30 per batch


    Software Testing Help

    Global audience

    Ruby and BDD cucumber



    10 per batch


    Software Testing Help

    Global audience

    Selenium and Java



    30 per batch


    Platinus technologies

    Global audience

    Selenium, Watir, Python, Ruby


    30 people trained




    Selenium Java



    30 people


    Crestech Software Systems

    NIIT, Sapient, Hindustan Times

    Selenium, Watir, SOA, Linux



    20 per people


    Scientia Bio


    Perl, Python, BioPerl,BioPython


    15 people trained






    I have two provisional patents to my name along with other inventors. The details of them are as follows –

    Multi Tool and Multi Platform Engine

    India 1863/DEL/2012

    Filed October 19, 2012

    Opkey is a keyword driven framework which facilitates functional testing using automation for any automation tool and on any platform which is supported by the automation tool.


    Automation Framework on Cloud

    India 729/DEL/2013

    Filed March 14, 2013

    Automation on cloud is the current “in” thing in the market. Across organizations managements are looking for solutions to reduce cost for infrastructure by adapting to cloud solutions. Particularly in automation frequently scenarios are encountered where a regression suite is to be executed on all platforms like windows; linux for a set of multiple browsers. To create such a kind of infrastructure in an organization is expensive. Here’ in cloud comes into picture as per hourly basis you can use such a cocktail of infrastructure. 




    Center Admin – Bero Jharkhand



    July 2014Education

    eVidyaloka is a not for profit organization registered under the Trusts Act, focuses on transforming the education landscape in the rural and remote regions of the India. We strive to achieve this by involving the local communities to own the digital class rooms, inspire and empower the volunteers to contribute back, from wherever they are, by providing standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for a consistent learning experience to the children.





    Personal Information



    Date of Birth

    1 March 1982



    Marital Status


    Languages  Known

    English, Hindi


    Music, Reading, Penning down stories and poems, Cooking and Travelling.




    I hereby state that the information presented here is true and to the best of my Knowledge.

    Pallavi Sharma

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  • Devi Prasad Das

    Senior software engineer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $80.00/hr

  • Zsuzsanna Simkó

    QA Engineer

    8 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr


    QA Engineer

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr

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  • Anshu Jha

    Test Engineer

    3 years experience 0 projects worked $40.00/hr

    I am an experienced IT professional working for around 2 years and 11 Months in Infosys ltd. Proficient in Test Case Preparation and Test Case Execution along with Defect logging. I have also extensive knowledge on Selenium Web Driver tool with Core Java. Interested in Manual Testing oppurtunities

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