Localization tester of online games, native speaker of US English

Localization tester of online games, native speaker of US English

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  1. Srinivas Kumar

    Hi, I’m Interested in this Project. I can Work for this Project. My Bid is 27$

  2. saier abeed

    hi dear
    iam a tester qa



Passionate Tester
Lead QA/Tester
9 Years

Having all the desired quality and skill to finish the project.Also In addition Having 10+ years of rich experience in QA during which i have experience all the Phases on QA/testing domain including test planning,Resource Management,Test Case Development,Test Execution.Currently working as QA consultant for large digital marketing and IT consulting company and managing amazing QA team size of 10. I specialize in testing of mobile apps,web,iOS, android, blackberry applications.Leading test efforts and execution for Enterprise projects with complex architecture and diversified team spreaded across various geographies.

Domain Expertise – Health care,Travel,Telecom,Finance,Insurance,Taxation,HRMS,Trading
Tools Expertise – QTP,Load runner,Selenium Web Driver,J-Meter,Jira.
Specialities – Manual Testing, Exploratory testing,Web & Mobile App testing,API Testing.

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Maurice Moreno
Manual Tester
2 Years

I am a team player and able to work on tight deadline.

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Ruchika Gupta
QA Engineer
2 Years

I had done localization testing of games

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Natalie Pappalardo
Quality Tester
5 Years

Hello Natalie, I would be very interested in this project.

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Akanksha .
QA Engineer
5 Years

I make you sure to deliver good and quality result at time

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Saurabh Das
QA Engineer
8 Years


My name is Saurabh. Please see how I can help you:

– I am very friendly and have great communication skills (I worked along, with developers, with UX engineers, within QA teams). I know how to establish contact with different people and work with them without conflicts.

– I am very polite and always constructive. I know how to describe bugs, so the team members can easy reproduce it.

– I am always online, so no problem with timezone with your developers, I can contact them when it is more comfortable for them

– I can do installation testing (I did it for mobile and desktop app), smoke and sanity (if you familiar with such type), acceptance, functional, black, white, regression, cross browser and performance.

– I am not only can do testing, but also I can check usability and WGAC;

– I know how to organize the working /testing process more effectively. I also used: Jira, Trello (not good for testing), Bugzilla, and Basecamp (more for project management)

My rate is pretty small – $12/hr, so I hope that my candidature fits your needs 🙂

It was nice to contact you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Ashwin K
Test Analyst
8 Years

Strong English communication and vocab skills

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In Process
10 Years


I’m having 10 years of software testing experience. Also having 5+ experience in Localization testing.

Currently working at Hitachi, India

Worked @ Past Companies :

Aspect Software
MindGrid Technologies

Thanks & Regards,

+91 – 9849895450

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Ashutosh Singh
Software Tester
0 Years

i want it thats why my bid is too low

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Drushti Desai
QA engineer
3 Years

i have Over 3 years of IT industry experience in Software Testing (Manual and Automation) with a wide
variety of projects and environments.
● Skilled in understanding Software Requirement Specification and identifying the required Test Scenarios
for Projects.
● Professional Software Experience in which includes Effective Test Case Designing and Test Case
● Experience in executing Test Cases to test the application functionality against the requirements
● Experience in testing the Functionality, Compatibility, Database, Regression.

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Roksolana Shveda

Natalia P

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