Unity 1.0

Unity 1.0

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Project description:

To manual test the web application. Also, we need a test automation framework created

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sunita mallik
QA lead
11 Years

I am good at automation and manual testing

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sreenath v
QA Engineer
2 Years

i will work as per requirement for succesful completion of project

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divya tanna
QA Engineer
3 Years

I’m willing to work on said QA project.

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unik doshi
Sr. QA Automation Engineer
5 Years

I have all the skill set mentioned for this project. Regarding the exect time lines, once all requirement get cleared, I will be able to give the time lines.

Kindly give me the opportunity to start a new partnership with you, which will going to be mutual benefit for both of us.

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sweety patel
8 Years

A passionate engineer determined/proposes to play/essay an answerable/responsible role and shape a career with an Organization providing challenges to perform exceptionally and intensify/aggrandize my prowess and responsibilities

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Saranya Devi
QA Engineer
5 Years

I have good working experience in Web Application Testing. We can team up together to make the quality better.

Previous Experience: Validated McGraw Hill E-commerce website, Avatar Chat Web Application,

Let me know your interest in working with me.


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Chaitanya Shastry
Qa Engineer/analyst
1 Year

Lets have a look

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Amit kumar
Senior Test Engineer
4 Years

I will test the web application manually as I have very good experience in manual testing like regression, retesting, smoke, sanity etc.
We can further more discuss and go ahead with automation as well if there is need.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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Noor Shah
Test Automation Engineer
6 Years

Dear Sir
I hope you are well
I would like to make a bid to test this web application both manually and I can also set up a test automation framework for this .
However in order for me to do so I would want to know about the Acceptance
Can you let me know what is scope of this web application ?
How many browsers do I need to test this against ?
I currently can test a web application against Chrome, Firefox, IE9-Microsoft Edge , Safari on Mac, Safari on iPhone 5c, 6s and 8.

In order to create a test automation framework , I can create one in either Ruby, Java or C# using Selenium Webdriver , xUnit framework and Gherkin Syntax usually called BDD (Behaviour Driven Development.

If it is required that automation test framework be tested against mobile web browser I can do with Appium.

Below is the link to my Github account to highlight my expertise

I look forward to hearing from you regarding the Acceptance Criteria and test requirements of this framework

Thanks and Regards
Noor us Sabah Shah

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Sagar Paidalwar
QA Engineer
3 Years

I would like to work with you and having good experience in Framework devleopment using open source tool selenium and good at manual testing

I loved to gain trust rather than earning money

Please go through my profile and let me know

My Email:

Thanks & Regards
Sagar Paidalwar

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Stem Boy

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