Unity 3.0

Unity 3.0

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Project description:

A Mobile and Web Applicaton SDET

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sunita mallik
QA lead
11 Years

I have a 8 years experience in game application testing

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In Process
divya tanna
QA Engineer
3 Years

I’m willing to work on said QA project.

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sweety patel
8 Years

A passionate engineer determined/proposes to play/essay an answerable/responsible role and shape a career with an Organization providing challenges to perform exceptionally and intensify/aggrandize my prowess and responsibilities

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In Process
Abdessamad HAMOUCH
QA Engineer
3 Years

Hi.. I am a QA professional with about 3 years of experience in testing.

I work for a major telecom company as a tester.

I tested varions types of apps for my company (Web, Desktop app, mobile app ).

I do many methods of tests : UAT, end to end test, performance ,…

I can create a test plan with all details and infos and send it to you for verification and validation if required,

Please let me know if this position is still open.

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Amit kumar
Senior Test Engineer
4 Years

I Can Create a automation framework for Web Application.
The Bid Price and days are negotiable on the basis of discussion.
Looking forward to hear from you.

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In Process
Sagar Paidalwar
QA Engineer
3 Years

HI Stem,

I would like to work with you , I will be grateful if we can work together

I have given ruff deadline for now we can go through project details and start working together and will discuss more about deadlines and budget in better way

Please go through my profile and let me know,

My contact number : +91-9175465940 , +918208079488
Email ID;

Thanks & Regards
Sagar Paidalwar

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Stem Boy

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