October 4, 2017
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Advantages for QA Engineers working as Freelancers

In tune with the changing times, the job culture also changed a lot. Nine to five job concept has become a thing of past and so the concept of fixed monthly salary. At a time when hard work has replaced smart work, professionals have become more ambitious. Instead of opting for a regular job, most of them are opting to be freelancers as it can realize many of their dreams. Here we are discussing a few advantages for QA engineers working as freelancers.

  • When you work as freelancers, you are the boss for you. You have all the freedom to fix the target and plan the schedule for you. You can work as per your convenient time and from a station of your comfort. In other words, you have total freedom provided you are meeting the time limit without fail.
  • When you work as a Quality testing engineer on the freelance basis, you have the freedom to take up projects of any size. In other words, you have all the right to decide on the volume of work you have to take up. There will not be any fixed target and hence there will not be any pressure on you to meet the target.
  • You have the right to decide on your income. Unlike a fixed salary on whatever work you do, you can earn as much as you want by taking up large projects and by working harder. Similarly, you can earn as less as you need to.
  • Being a freelancer, you can work part-time also on your leisure time. In other words, freelance testing opportunities for testers help them to earn an extra income apart from their regular income.

When the Freelance QA engineers have many advantages such as the ones mentioned above, the companies who are providing freelance QA testing jobs to have many advantages.

  • The companies can hire QA freelance testers on the project basis and can settle the account at the end of the project. This helps them to avoid paying monthly salaries even if when there are no projects.
  • At a time when test automation is dominating over manual testing, companies will have to purchase many test automation tools for which they will have to invest the huge amount of money. When the QA testing work is given to freelance QA testing engineers, this investment can be avoided as the freelancers will have all the tools with them.
  • Any company will have to provide computers to test the projects if they are appointing in-house testers. This will cost them considerably for providing necessary equipment and facilities and also huge overhead expenditure will be incurred towards, salaries and perks. This unnecessary expenditure can be avoided in case of awarding the testing jobs to freelance testers.

As this new concept is benefitting both the parties involved, it became popular within a short span of time. Now there are many freelance QA projects are available and one can make use of these opportunities by registering with one of the platforms that facilitate the meeting of freelancers and companies seeking their services.

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