September 22, 2017
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Take up Remote QA Jobs and Earn Extra Income

Take up Remote QA Jobs and Earn Extra Income

QA or Quality Assurance has taken the front bench in the highly competitive software industry. When the competition is high, the quality of the product and the price play major roles in deciding the destiny of the product. The same rule is applicable in the case of software applications too. Hence, the developers are made to deliver good quality products for a lesser price and this made two things obligatory; maintaining quality and reducing production cost.

When you need to maintain quality, you should concentrate more on Quality Control. Automation of tests helps to find out the loopholes precisely and thus to maintain a high-level quality but, the cost of test automation tools and the salaries to be paid to experts in software testing making the QA process a costlier one.

The higher the testing charges, the higher will be the production cost which is not a propitious factor in the market. In order to tackle this unravel hindrance, most of the software developing companies have started outsourcing QA jobs to freelancers.

Offering freelance QA jobs online helps in many ways to cut the cost of testing.

  • When QA Freelance jobs are offered, there is no need to appoint experienced testers on a regular basis. You need only to pay for the work done. This will certainly reduce the cost of testing considerably.
  • When it is remote QA testing, the developers need not pay for the test automation tools as it will be the responsibility of tester to acquire the same. Here also the developers can save a good amount of money.

Now let us see how QA remote jobs help the testers who are experts in test automation tools.

  • As the testers working on remote QA projects are not bound by the rules of the organization, they can work as per their own schedule. This feature helps them to take up part-time testing jobs and to earn extra money other than their regular income.
  • Remote QA jobs facilitate the testers to work from a station of their own choice which helps them to work with more ease and thus to enhance the quality of testing. When the testing is precise, the final product will be of high quality.

These facts clearly indicate that this new concept of outsourcing testing to freelance testers is highly beneficial for both the parties involved. Hence, it is gaining popularity. At present, there are many platforms such as QA on Air which facilitate a meeting between the companies and freelance testers. Just by registering with them one can use this facility and can give or take remote Qa projects.

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