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“Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!” — Edsger Dijkstra.



 amuthans@gmail.com                                                                         Mobile: +91-9840926746


 B.Tech (IT) graduate – having 10+ years of experience in Software Testing profession. 

 Having 8+ years experience in Manual testing, 2+ years experience in QTP Automation tool. 

 Having experience in Financial and Healthcare domain projects. 

 Having strong experience in Functional Testing with product based industries in the “Retail Banking ATM” domain, Airlines “Self Service Kiosk (SSK)” domain, “Web portal” and “Embedded” systems.


Achieving and retaining excellence in “Manual and Automation Testing” profession and there by serving software industry to provide the best quality software/product to its clients.


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech – IT) from Anna University, CEG, Guindy, Chennai. 

Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (D.E.E.E) from V.Ramakrishna polytechnic, Chennai.


Manual/Automation Tool : Manual and QTP Automation tool 

ERP Software                          : SAP (PM Module)

Operating System : Windows 2003 Server/XP, Unix/Linux

Bug Tracking Tool : Mantis, Gemini and Jtrac defect tracking tool

Languages Awareness : C, C++, Java, .NET, Win32API, 

RDBMS : SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL, Oracle 9i, MS Access

 Strong 8+ years experience in Functional testing in various domains like Finance, Healthcare, Retail ATM, Airlines Kiosk, Web and Embedded systems.

 Having 2+ years of experience in “QTP” Automation tool.

 Experience in Banking/Airline SS Kiosk /Online Web portal projects.

 Knowledge in SQL queries and database.

 Knowledge in SDLC and Agile/Waterfall methodologies.

 Involved in “C” coding and “WIN32 API” coding in embedded system and WinCE ATM. 


T&B International  Pvt Ltd     –  “Senior Test Engineer” – from May’2004 to September’ 2009

SourceHOV Ltd        – “Senior Test Analyst” – from March’ 2010 to March’2014.

Qatar Petroleum       – “Senior Planning Tech ” – from Oct’2014 to June’2015

ETS – Qatar         – “ Senior Planning Tech (and Safety Off)  ” – from Jan’2017 to Apr’2017

Freelance Test Engineer          –           from May’2017 to till date


T & B International, Chennai.                                                         Senior Test Engineer

System product : NDC+ ATM

Duration   : Jan 2009 to Sep 2009

Tools : C#.NET, XP, uSwitchware/Maximus switch

Testing Tools : Mantis defect tracking tool.

Role : Test Engineer


Retail banking “ATM” application is developed for banking customers to do the following transactions in ATM: Withdrawal Transaction, Fast cash transaction, Balance Inquiry Transaction, Transfer Transaction, PIN Change, Statement request, Cheque book request, Mini statement, Stop payment, Cheque Pass etc…

System Product : Self Servicing Kiosk (SSK)

Duration   : Jan 2007 – December 2008

Tools : C#, SQL Server Express Edition 2005, IIS 6.0.

Testing Tools : Manual Testing, Gemini – Defect tracking tool

Role : Test Engineer

Client : Saudi Airlines


Self Servicing Kiosks are installed at airports, shopping malls and other locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Saudi Arabian Airlines to facilitate a hassle free ticketing experience for their valued customers. Passengers can purchase a ticket against an existing booking / reservation and also get their boarding passes issued using these self servicing kiosks.

During Transaction operation in the Kiosk, in the background “Kiosk” terminals are communicating with Saudi Airlines “Mainframe (STARS)” computer and “Bank” host to update the Transaction details. Kiosk terminals are also communicated with “KMP” to update the “Kiosks status” and Transaction details.

The Self Servicing Kiosk terminal allows the customer to do the following tasks in the terminal:

 Enter a valid PNR number to identify his booking reference. 

 View and amend/upgrade his sector booking details.

 Add AL-FURSAN number if required.

 Partial Ticketing

 Book open ticket for return journey

 Confirm his booking and make his payment through debit / credit card.

 Receive issued ticket upon payment approval.

 Make a Self Check in to a flight.

 Get Boarding Pass issued after PNR authentication.

Web Portal : Kiosk Management Portal (KMP)

Duration   : Jan 2007 – December 2008

Tools                           : ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6

Testing Tools : Manual Testing, Gemini defect tracking tool.

Role : Test Engineer    Client: Saudi Airlines


The Kiosk Management Portal (KMP) is a Web based application, which is developed for monitoring & controlling the remotely operated “Kiosk terminals”. “Kiosk” is a self servicing terminal, which provides “Tickets” and “Boarding passes” for Airline customers. 

KMP and Kiosks are communicating through web service. Communication message format is XML based. KMP application has the number of pages to view the “Status of the “Kiosks” and the “Transaction details” of the Kiosks. 

In the real time, Kiosks are placed in the different locations like in Airports, shopping malls to serve the customers. Similarly, in KMP location profile and Kiosk profile are created and Kiosks are added to the locations. After installation process of “Kiosk” is over, Kiosk should be register with KMP. After registration with KMP, Kiosks are come to In-service and serve the customers.

SourceHOV Ltd – Automation Test Engineer from Jan’ 2012 to Mar’2014.

1. Project Name

      Aquila, Bank of America ( BOA ), MBUSA, DOR

 Client        Bank of America, US.

 Role        Senior Test Analyst – Automation Testing 

 Environment ASP.Net, Sql Server 2005,IIS6.0

 Testing tools:       QTP 

 Duration        January’2012 to March’2014


               The Aquila accounts payable processing application is the web based workflow solution offered for the customers to perform the business function. The Aquila workflow offers the users to do the validations and multistage approvals of the Invoice validation service. The Aquila application GUI can be configured and customized according to the business needs of the customer. 

SourceHOV will receive documents via fax and email from vendors. Any documents that fail validation or contain additional information will be introduced into Aquila workflow system to be reviewed by SourceHOV team and/or Bank of America staff for resolution.  Once the review is complete the documents shipped to Bank of America.

               The Aquila – DOR is an IT – Form processing web based application. It has many queues like Indexing, Exception, Exception NYS, QC Correction and Notification. 

SourceHOV receives various IT Forms /documents via fax and email from vendors. Each IT Forms having hundreds of fields. For the “Field Validations” – automation has been done using QTP.


 Identify the functional scenarios to do Automation testing  

 Object Identification and Creating the Object Repositories.

 Test Data preparation.

 Creating Test Scripts with OR and without OR (Descriptive Programming).

 Script execution and De-bugging.

 Analyzing results.

 Reporting results.

Other Projects handled:

 Production QTP scripts maintenance for the projects “Sutlej – LTC”, “Sutlej – Ganges”, U.S.

 QTP Automation for TDMS web application.

SourceHOV Ltd –                                              Senior Test Analyst 

 Worked in Functional testing of Web based projects like Aquila, FWA, HRMS, HMS, PCH and Service Desk.

 Worked in Firefly and FCB application.

 Firefly is a field level keying application intended to improve productivity by taking

            leverage of the various features like OCR, Homekeying, Web based access etc.

 Worked in Amazon-KF8 Conversion project and OCR Fine Tuning.


1. Analyzing application requirements and understanding the requirements.

2. Preparing test data and test cases based on the SRS and Design documents and make ensure that it covers all test conditions necessary to assure quality testing

3. Test Cases execution and Defect logging in defect tracking tool. 

4. Analyzing results.

5. Discussion with developers to fix the issues correctly.


1. MiniATM (WinCE version) & NGnDCATM (XP version), PIN Entry Device (PED)/Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)


1. HMA STARware Limited, Chennai – 600008: 

ATM Interface software testing, System Maintenance and Management, Network Management.

2. ACCEL ICIM Systems and Services Limited, Chennai – 600006:  System maintenance and Servicing.


Father’s NameA.M.Sekar

Date of Birth30/05/1972

Marital StatusMarried



Present Address60/28, M.C.M Garden, 1st street, 

Old Washer men pet, Chennai – 600 021, Tamilnadu, India.


Passport NumberP1885457

Place & Date of IssueChennai, 08/07/2016

Expiry Date:07/07/2026

Thanks & Regards,

Amuthan Sekar

E-mail: amuthans@gmail.com | Mobile: +91- 9840926746

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