November 3, 2017
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Demand for Freelance QA Testers Increasing

Platforms for freelance QA testers to prove themselves:


Demand for Freelance QA Testers Increasing

Modern technology has been implemented in many areas to make the functioning perfect and easier. Computerization has helped a lot to improve the quality of many services provided both by the government and private sector organizations. The invention of mobile apps and web-based software applications help a lot to make living easier.

Now the world is all set to achieve the target of 100% computerization which needs many new software applications. Similarly, the changing needs demand timely updating of existing software applications. All these resulted in the growth of software industry which is faster and consistent.

At this juncture, there is a huge demand for QA testers and most of the software companies are searching for Freelance QA Testers. Companies have many reasons for preferring freelance QA engineers. First of all freelance, QA jobs will reduce the expenditure for testing in many ways. Companies can save money towards the purchase and maintenance of many test automation tool, providing infrastructure etc. They need to pay only for the work they get done and hence, a good amount can be saved towards salaries and other perks.

When there are many benefits financially, the companies can ensure quality work in all freelance QA projects. Freelance QA engineers are not guaranteed with regular work or payment unless they prove their expertise and deliver the best result. Hence the certain level of quality will be maintained in all freelance QA automation works.

Even freelance QA testers have many advantages by taking up freelance QA projects. They can work on their convenient time and from a station of their own comfort. In other words, they can be their own bosses. Secondly, being a freelancer, they are getting a chance to earn as much as they need providing they are ready to work hard and for more time.

When Freelancing has become a common thing and this concept started getting wide acceptance, many platforms such as QAonAir has come up facilitating a meeting between the freelancers and the companies. QAonAir provides options for freelancers and companies to get registered with them.

Companies will get a facility to exhibit their requirements on the official website of QA on Air and of other similar service providers. Freelancers can go through the advertisements posted by the companies and send the quotes for the job. Similarly, Companies will have the option to go through the resumes of registered freelance QA testers and to offer the job directly without publishing it on the website.

These facility has increased the number of QA freelance projects as it became easy to get a freelance QA engineer or to get a freelance QA job.

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