November 7, 2017
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How to get Freelance QA Testing Jobs from Home

How to get QA Testing Jobs from Home

The days have gone when people used to give preference to job security. They were ready to work for a comparatively lesser salary if the job is secured. The lifestyle and the way of thinking prevailed in those days were supporting this preference.

As the time passed, many things have changed including the lifestyle, the preferences in life etc. At a time when one’s success in life is being calculated based on the physical wealth he or she could stockpile and the luxuries of life one could afford, the earnings took front seat pushing the job security to the back. Here comes the significance of freelance jobs.

When you work as a freelancer, you can earn as much as you needed. There is no specific time or station for work and there is no limit on a number of projects you can do provided you can complete the work as per schedule and can maintain certain level quality. At present, there are many companies that prefer to outsource either the complete projects or parts of the projects to freelancers due to many different reasons.

For example, if you are an expert QA tester, there are many companies offering freelance testing jobs online. This includes freelance manual testing jobs also. You can take up the work and finish it as per the schedule and to the satisfaction of the job provider which will earn you a good income and a goodwill which will help you to get more works in future.

In this day and age, you will find many platforms including QaonAir that facilitate the meeting between the freelancers and the company. These are websites where both companies or job providers and freelancers can join by registering with them. When a company is registered, they will be able to display their project details and the requirements on the website. Besides, they can go through the profile uploaded by the freelancers and approach them directly.

When a freelancer is joined, he or she will be able to display the resume. Besides, he or she can go through the different projects and requirements displayed by different companies and quote for a project directly.

At a time when cost optimization is gaining more significance, more and more companies are outsourcing testing jobs to freelancers. This is the right time to get registered with QA on Air or any other similar websites and start your hunting for freelance QA jobs online.

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