Gimbl.GG – Progressive Web App

Gimbl.GG – Progressive Web App

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Project description:

Gimbl is a progressive web app. The beta version has just been migrated to the production environment. To move forward with new features integration, we are looking for a QA tester to perform the following tasks:

  • Manual functional testing: Test all the product features to ensure they are all operational and perform as intended.
  • Front-end (Responsive & mobile) cross-browser testing: Test the front-end design & platform responsiveness to ensure there’s no CSS or HTML conflicts or inconsistency with the mocks. Those tests need to be performed on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE.
  • Performance testing: Test speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability under an expected workload.
  • Full QA report: Present a full QA report to show the results of the entire QA process.

Our tech team uses Jira. The QA will have to use Jira. We have the majority of tests already written. 

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Ganesh L
QA Analyst
5 Years


I have Master degree + 5 years of experience in software testing which makes me suitable for this project.
I have done extensive testing on websites like remote PC. I have strong expereince in writing test cases.

My testing will cover below things :
1. Functional testing
2. Non functional testing like UI testing, monkey testing

Along with defect description, steps to reproduce and screenshots.

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In Process
Vaishnavi Natarajan
ISTQB® CTFL Software Tester
6 Years

I have experience testing mobile apps based on apple homekit. I have multiple devices across various platforms and with various screen resolutions with which I can thoroughly test PWAs for various capabilities like offline usage, responsive design.

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Unnati Jani
QA analyst
6 Years

I interesting to work with you.

Kindly revert me with your details.


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ram d
QA Engineer
9 Years

I have good experience in functional, automation testing.
I can handle this task

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Vikhyath Narayan
QA Enginner
4 Years

Hi Team,

Please reach out for further discussion

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Anik Mansuri
QA Tester
3 Years

i can test cross browser testing and responsive testing using real device Android and iphone.And i have to use emulator for ipad .beacause i don”t have ipad.i am proffesional software tester.

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In Process
Passionate Tester
Lead QA/Tester
9 Years


Hope you are doing great. Please refer my portfolio for projects completed as freelance tester. By seeing the requirement, I can say that am one of the best fit for your need. Please find below the brief about my skills and expertise.

Professional QA Lead with 11+ years in quality assurance, including test planning and execution, Web, and mobile Apps testing. Currently working as QA consultant for large digital marketing and IT consulting company and managing amazing QA team size of 10. I specialize in testing of mobile apps,web,iOS & android,applications.Leading test efforts and execution for Enterprise projects with complex architecture and diversified team spreaded across various geographies.

Devices available
– Laptop Dell Latitude 3400(Windows 10)
– Realme XT (Android 10.0)
– Moto G5 S Plus (Android 8.1)
– Lenovo k3 Note (Android 5)
– Samsung Galaxy grand 2 (Android 4.4)
– iPhone 6(iOS 12.4.1)
– iPad Air 2(iOS 12.4.3)

Domain Expertise – Healthcare,Travel,Telecom,Finance,Insurance,Taxation,HRMS,Trading
Functional Testing – QTP,Selenium Web Driver
Performance Testing – J-Meter,Load Runner
Test Management – Jira,Q-Metry,Test Rail
Security testing – OWASP ZAP, Burp Suit
Mobile App Vulnerability Tool – Ostorlab,SandDroid

Reach out to me for further details of offering and discussion.

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In Process
Gopal Gupta
Quality Assurance Engineer
6 Years

I will complete this work in 10 days in different browser and platform in laptop and mobile.

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Manik P
Sr. Software Tester
6 Years

I am an experienced manual tester in End-to-End Testing after code deployment/ Integration/ Migration.

Manage the bug tracking tools, tickets and coordination to code Developers / IT Teams.

I am availability in your time as a self- employed.

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Sathish Rajendran
Senior QA Engineer
7 Years

I am interested in this opportunity since my experience matches with job requirement exactly. I have very good experience in End-to-End testing for about 7 years. Also having good working experience in JIRA. Looking forward to hear from you to discuss on this wonderful opportunity.

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Cristian-Norbert Borzan

Dan Biton

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