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Project description:

In this project you are going to be introduced to research in Software Testing. You can either choose a topic of your own or consult with the instructor for a list of topics. Your project should include an implementation part. The implementation can be done in any programming language. Perhaps you can create a new solution to a problem; or design a new approach for an existing problem; or design a more efficient implementation of an existing solution. Your project should follow good methodology. The project should be done in teams of three people. The main tasks of this project are to: – define the problem that you want to solve or improve on – decide on the program or System Under Test (SUT) – propose a software testing strategy or improve on an existing one – apply this strategy on the SUT – evaluate your testing process – document your work in a report 

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Tejas Shinde
Test Engineer, Quality Analyst, Software Tester
2 Years


I am Tejas Shinde, I am Test Engineer having about 2 years of hands on experience in Software Testing. Below are skills :

❖ Experienced in Manual Testing includes GUI, Regression, Retesting, Smoke, Sanity.

❖ Experience in Functional and Non-functional (Availability, Usability, Reliability and Compatibility in environments like Windows, Mac and ipad).

❖ Hands on experience in preparing Test plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data And executing the same.

❖ Good expertise on Exploratory Testing using Domain Knowledge.

❖ Ability to work under deadlines, worked as an active team member and willingness to accept responsibilities.

❖ Good Analytical skills to comprehend Business requirements and verification of those requirements.

❖ Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & Software Testing life cycle (STLC).

❖ Good knowledge of Bug life cycle.

❖ Knowledge regarding Testing Terminologies, Verification, Validation, Levels of Testing and Testing Techniques.

❖ Ability to handle a team of testers while working on multiple deliveries simultaneously.

❖ Coordinating smooth implementation of test plans with the development team.

❖ Training the new members in the team and getting them productive quickly.

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Mahbubur Rahman
Software QA Engineer
3 Years

Hello, I am a passionate Software Engineer with a vast experience in the field of Quality Assurance [Manual/Automation]. I have worked over many projects with clients and have experience in automation frameworks: Black box/Grey box testing Selenium Java Protractor JavaScript Mocha JavaScript Nightwatch.js JavaScript PyTest Python JMeter Load/Stress testing Data Entry Research/VA Websites & Mobile-Apps

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Naveen Kumar
Tech Lead
11 Years

I have 11 + years of experience in software Industry.

I have done various kinds of testing like Manual, Smoke, Regression, Retest,, Functional and non functional testing like system testing.

I also worked on automation projects using open-source tools like selenium, protractor for UI and Rest Client, Rest Sharp for APi testing.

I have developed frameworks in JavaScript, Java, C# and python with BDD model

All my projects are executed through command line and integrated them with CI pipeline.

I am ready to develop and test API and UI applications in the same fashion with Quality

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TestSolution Expert
QA Engineer
15 Years

We can improvise any existing process ..
Please suggest any case

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Anindita Biswal
Automation Tester
8 Years

I will work on value addition and process improvements for an existing project.

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Qa engineer
5 Years

5 years experience

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Deepak Thakur
Test Engineer
4 Years

Greetings!! My name is Deepak Thakur and I am an expert in selenium webdriver and manual Testing, testscripts and testcases, reporting, Blackbox testing, Security testing, Performance testing, Agile, UI/UX testing, Usability testing.

I have gone through your project description, To complete the project I will review all the aspects of your project and start with basic funtional testing.

I will write the test case parellely with exploratory testing and UI/UX testing.

While doing functional testing I will check for integration and end to end testing to check the dependencies are working fine or not.

If any Bug will be found that will be share with you. I will create treacibility matrix report to cover all all the test secnarios given by you.

I will test the Website in multiple browsers and report will be share with you, I will do Automaton testing of regression test cases using Selenium Webdriver to analyze the result by designing the Framework.

I have more than 4 years of experience in Selenium as Automation Test Engineer, where I have experience in developing and execution of test scripts using java language, I have experience in developing Automation framework using TestNG and it’s features.

Please let me know a time that works best for you and I will make sure that I make myself available.

Thank you for your time consideration.

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Deepika kutty
Senior QA
5 Years

BRD/required docs should be shared

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Victor Papuc
QA Automation
8 Years

I am Quality Assurance Engineer with more than 5 experience in delivering projects in the various domains like : Entertainment (Casino Games), Finance (Insurance Application), Advertisement(Ads API) .
Worked with automation technologies that test both the API and UI of an application. Coordination of the test projects with test plans, test execution phase, delivery phase and using Atlasian JIRA as the main platform. Experience in creating and delivering automation framework wit Behavior driven development (Cucumber, JBehave) and maintaining it with CI/CD technology (Team City , Jenkins)

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Sarath Babu Veppalai Selvaraj
Software QA professional
19 Years

I have provided a approx. timeline. Once i understand more on the requirement, can provide the exact timeline. Would be good to have a discussion on the same

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Priya Ranjan Tah

Prudhvi Bora

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