December 7, 2017
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Remote QA Testing Jobs, the Trend of Today

Remote QA Testing Jobs

The IT revolution and the advancements in the information technology have changed many things in our day to day life. Right from the lifestyle to the work culture, there is no area which is not being influenced by the IT revolution. As the world move towards hundred percent digitization, the software industry is experiencing a tremendous growth and also facing tough competition.

As in the case of any other products, software applications also should be tested thoroughly to meet a desired level of quality. Quality Assurance processes are mandatory in the software industry at a time when more and more complex applications are being developed. Hence, the companies cannot skip testing which has become a costly affair. As you are already aware, a software application should undergo different types of testing and in the process, different test automation tools should be used. Many of the test automation tools are commercial products and the user will have to purchase the license to use and should renew it from time to time, which needs a good investment.

Keeping in-office testers is also a costly affair when calculated the salary and other perks. Besides, you will have to invest in providing them the necessary infrastructure to execute testing. Here is the significance of freelance tester.

When you go with freelance testing jobs i.e. outsourcing testing jobs to a part-time tester or a freelance QA engineer, you can avoid investing money in test automation tools. Secondly, they will be doing testing jobs from remote locations and hence you need not provide them the necessary infrastructure such as computers, internet connection, electricity etc. Here also you can save a good amount of money. Finally, you are not paying regular salary to those who are doing part-time testing jobs but paying only for the work you get done. In this way, you can reduce the cost of testing considerably which will help you to reduce the cost of the final product. Price is a decisive factor in a highly competitive market and here you can offer most competitive price.

Cost alone will not work to promote any product but it should have the desired quality. Quality testings, if not done by experts, will not ensure the quality. Freelance QA testers will not be paid a regular salary and they will have to work on more projects to earn more. They cannot sustain in the market unless they delivered quality. Hence, the freelance testers will focus on the quality of their work. When the testing quality is good, certainly the product quality also will be good. Thus, in many ways, it is always good to go with a freelance tester. Many platforms including QA on Air offers the platform where the companies and freelance testers can meet each other. Here it will be easy to find a good part-time tester to get your work done.

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