November 20, 2017
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Remote QA Work

Benefits of Remote QA work to both the tester and the company:

Remote QA Work Benefits both the Tester and the Company

At a time when software industry is growing consistently, the need for software testing is increasing. At a time when software applications are used to perform many complicated functions, they should be tested properly to ensure smooth functioning and to avoid any havoc in future due to malfunctioning of the applications. Secondly, Software industry is experiencing hectic competition with the arrival of many players. Quality of the products plays a significant role in deciding the fate of the business in a market where there is tough competition. Hence, it is necessary for the developers to test and to ensure the quality of all software applications.

Price is also an equally important factor that decides the future of a product along with quality. In order to offer the most competitive prices, one needed to curb the production cost. Automation gained significance under this circumstances as automation of process can reduce the price and ensure quality. Software testing has also been automated but needs to purchase many automation testing tools to conduct the testing in-house. Here is the significance of offering remote QA works.

When you outsource freelance QA jobs to freelancers, you do not need to purchase testing tools or need to pay for renewing the license as the freelance QA testers will have all such tools in their possession. Thus, you can save a lot of money which in turn will bring down the cost of testing. Besides, you do not need to organize the necessary infrastructure including computers for the testers. Here also one can save a good amount.

A remotely working QA engineer will be paid only for the work he was done or in other words, the payment will be from project to project. If you have appointed in-house QA testers, you will have to pay the salary and other perks even if there is no project with you. Thus you can save a good amount of overhead expenditure also. In total, remote work QA jobs help in many ways to reduce the testing cost and to reduce the overall production cost which will help the developers to offer the product at a  competitive price.

At the same time, expert QA engineers are getting a good opportunity to earn as much money they want by working as freelance QA testers. They can work on their leisure time and can earn a decent extra income if they are working with some other companies on a regular basis. Thus, this adjustment is benefiting both the parties involved in it.


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