October 26, 2017
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How to Take up QA Freelance Jobs

Freelancing is the latest trend in the present day job market. It was quite unheard and was unpopular till a few years back.  The major lapses of freelancing are the lack of fixed and regular income and lack of job security.

However, the drastic changes happened in the lifestyle and the way of thinking made these lapses ignorable. In the present day world, one’s success in life is calculated based on the physical wealth one could amass. The modern technology offers many luxuries and one needed to have enough money to enjoy all those facilities.

In total, wealth has become the keyword in today’s life and this made people work extra hours to earn more money. At this juncture, freelance jobs started earning popularity and wide acceptance. A major attraction of freelance job is that one can do the work at his or her own time of convenient and can earn as much as he or she needs. Many professionals, who are employed by reputed companies also take up freelance jobs for an extra income.

At a time when software testing and QA has earned importance, many companies started offering QA freelance jobs to experienced QA testers. Companies needed to invest heavily on manpower and on testing tools if they want to carry out in-house testing. When they outsource testing jobs, they need to pay only for the work they get done and all other expenditure will be bored by the tester.

Now, you can find many platforms offering a meeting place for the freelancer and the company that needs their service. If you are planning to take up work from home QA jobs or Selenium work from home jobs any similar works, you can register with these websites. Most of such websites offer free registration for the freelancers while some others offer a premium membership or paid membership also along with a free membership.

In the case of premier membership, the website will verify the credentials you have provided and certify the same if they are found to be right. This will increase the chances of getting offers.

As in the case of freelancers, companies also can register with these websites and display their requirements. Companies can go through the profile of different individuals registered with the website and offer the projects directly to them even without publishing on the website.

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  1. Santhosh

    I am working as a QA engineer and i aminterested to take over the free lancerproject

  2. chintha pushpa

    i have good knowledge on Testing manual and selenium, i am interested to work free lancer Projects.