August 23, 2017
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Work From Home Software Testing Jobs

Particulars on Work From Home Software Testing Jobs

The software industry is registering a continuous growth and it will continue for the coming years also. As many virgin areas are being computerized, there will be the need for more and more software applications and it will certainly accelerate the momentum of the growth.

Quality testing and quality assurance are two most important parts of the software industry as in the case of any other production industry. Quality is the keyword to success in the highly competitive market and hence each product should maintain a certain level of quantity. When talking about software applications, they should work hundred percent satisfaction of the customers or the end users, failing which the owner will lose a lot of business.

When “Quality” is an important criterion that decides the success of the product, so is the price. The price of the product should be kept in par with that of the competitors to win the race. Hence, it is necessary to put a control over the production cost without compromising on quality. As far as the software industry is concerned, the quality of the product mainly depends on the expertise of the professionals working there. You need to pay handsomely to get the most talented and experienced software developers and testers and this will cost you highly.

Here one of the best options is to outsource testing jobs to freelancers who are taking up Freelance QA tester jobs. Even in freelancing, there is hectic competition and only the fittest can survive. Hence, those testers who are working as freelancers will be highly talented with proven track record. The companies can provide Work From Home Software Testing Jobs as it will help them in many ways to reduce the testing costs and at the same time to maintain the quality.

The companies can provide Work From Home Software Testing Jobs as it will help them in many ways to reduce the testing costs and at the same time to maintain the quality.

As the work is being allotted as QA freelance jobs, the company needs to pay for the work only and not any regular monthly salaries. When testers are appointed on regular basis, the company will have to pay them monthly salaries irrespective of whether there is work or not. Thus, the companies can save a lot of money by outsourcing the testing jobs.

Besides, the salaries, the company is liable to pay allowances and other perks which can also be saved.

You need to allow computers exclusively to the testers for doing their job and should purchase many test automation tools. When the company is outsourcing the testing job, these investments can be avoided.

Overhead expenditures including electricity charges can be avoided when outsourcing the job or giving freelance tester an opportunity to work from home software testing jobs.

Thus, in many ways, the cost for software testing can be brought down by outsourcing the job and thus the production cost can be reduced considerably. This will help to fix maximum competitive price for the product which is really an advantage in the highly competitive market.

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  1. Prerana

    I m interested in doing testing work from home to earn some extra money.i have 5 years of experience in manual +qtp testing.

  2. Pankaj Kumar Gupta

    I want to work as manual testing. Is there is any requirement send it.
    Thank you!

  3. Madhavi


    I have 6 yrs of exp in manual testing +qtp and i am interested in work from home testing job.please let me know if there is any requirement.

    Thank you!